Nuns of the Small Work the Apostles' Queen

 (Genoa, Italy)

A consecration in the heart of the Church


The spirituality of the Small Work the Apostles' Queen


The nuns of the Small Work the Apostles' Queen are called, in the Church, to the incessant offer of their life for the sanctification of the Priests.

This originates from the awareness that the Priest is the one called to consecrate the Eucharist, to give the God’s “forgiveness”, to teach … as the Lord Jesus Christ.

The nuns intend to live Jesus’ words during the Last Supper when he founded the priesthood “… for them I sanctify myself” (Jn. 17,19). The consecration of the nuns of the Small Work the Apostles' Queen is offered for the glory of the Father, is “for them”, the Priests.

The nuns try to live this gift moment by moment and, since the morning, all is offered “for them” with the desire to imitate Mary under the Cross and later in the Cenacle.

They feel themselves “in the heart of the Church” because they are called to support and serve those who have been chosen and sent to continue the presence of Christ in the world: the Priests.

Their spiritual commitment consists of the daily service to the Priests, attentive to the necessities and situations emerging in the time.

This service consists of:


For further information, please contact Sister Paola

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